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Have you ever wondered what your inscrutable cats are thinking, as they stare enigmatically into the distance? You might find an answer to this mystery in the weekly conversations we feature between a delightful though often foolish cat, Rinpoche, and her exasperated owner, Daddi.

Whether you love cats or not, you will enjoy these entertaining tales about the exploits of Rinpoche. So join us on a glorious romp as we venture into the secret world of Gloucestershire’s cats! 

You can also take a look some great Cat Clobber, tested and recommended by Rinpoche herself or why not enrol at our Catspeak school where you’ll find lessons to perfect your cat lingo. If you’re looking for the puuuurfect gift for a cat lover then take a look at our suggestions for gifts

Conversation with Rinpoche

The Misdemeanours of Mittens the Kitten

Daddi Homeschools Mittens: Part 2 “Rinpoche, I absolutely refuse to homeschool your naughty friend, Mittens! Besides, you told me he attends Kitty Crèche during the day.” “He used to, Daddi, but he …

Five Little Kittens Named Mittens

Daddi Homeschools Mittens: Part 1 “Daddi, I’m just popping out to see Mittens. I’ll be back before dinner.” “Are you talking about that hyperactive kitten that you sometimes babysit?”  “No, Daddi, that’s Naughty …

Socates, the Great Philosopher

“To be or not to be, Daddi.” “To be what, Rinpoche?” “Daddi, that is the question.” “Rinpoche, you are not making sense. Why are you quoting Shakespeare?” “I’m not quoting Shakespeare, Daddi. I’m quoting …

Kitty Care

Is it normal? We answer the most pressing questions about your cat’s health and behaviour. You can expect Rinpoche to wade in on this too. 

Looking After A Kitten: Everything you need to know

Getting a kitten is a big responsibility. Read our complete guide that includes everything from bringing your cat home to the essential equipment you’re going to need. 


Cat Care After Spaying

Everything you need to know about looking after your cat after the somewhat uncomfortable procedure of being spayed. Paws for thought.


How do Cats Communicate?

Do you know what your cat is trying to tell you? Cats use a range of verbal and non-verbal cues to tell you how they’re feeling and what they want.


Cat Clobber

Rinpoche reviews the latest gadgets, gizmos and products giving her honest opinion on whether they are worth the investment.  

The Very Best Cat Themed Christmas Gifts

If you're on the hunt for that perfect gift for your cat loving friend or relative, then look no further. We've trawled the web to bring a definitive list of …

Happy Meow Sardine Catnip Toy

Rinpoche is currently reviewing this product. Come back soon or subscribe to Cato9tales and we'll let you know when Rinpoche has reached her verdict.

Rinpoche Reviews: Cat Wand Toy Making Kit

Since nobody knows your cat as well as you do, the fab Cat Wand Making Kit by Sandy Leaf Farm allows you to create a personalised toy that is guaranteed to please even …

CatSpeak School

In order to communicate with cats and understand their convoluted thinking, you require a rudimentary knowledge of Cat Logic and Catspeak. To address this we formulated our very own Catspeak School. Work your way through the individual lessons and become a master of cat lingo. Enjoy!

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