A Cat’s Calendar: The Days of the Week According to Rinpoche

Rinpoche explains the days of the week of a cat's calendar

“Daddi, why do humans have such strange names for the days of the week?”

“What do you mean, Rinpoche?”

“We cats have different names for our days, Daddi, and they make much more sense.”

“This is news to me, Rinpoche. What do you call the days of the week?”

Caturday (Saturday)

“Well, starting with the weekend – because holidays are always a better time to start – we have Caturday. That’s the sacred day of rest for cats, and all work is forbidden.”

Caturday is a day of rest, Cat asleep in the basket

Funday (Sunday)

“The next day is Funday – a day on which cats like to socialize and play with their friends and families.”  

“It sounds like you’re talking about Sunday.”

“No, Funday, Daddi. It’s been called this since the beginning of cat time. You humans just got the name wrong.”

“I see. What comes next?”

Monday is funday for cats, drinking from the pond.

Munchday (Monday)

“The first day after the weekend is Munchday. All the fun and games on Funday tend to tire cats out. So, on Munchday they replenish their energy by having lots of snacks.”

Cat munching on a monday

Chewsday (Tuesday) 

“Then, it’s back to work on Chewsday.”  

“What sort of work are you referring to? I’ve never seen you lift a paw, Rinpoche.”

“I mean hunting, Daddi – for mice, rats and other such creatures. Hunting is good exercise and keeps us fit, but some of these creatures can be quite tough and chewy. That’s why we call the day Chewsday.”

“And the following day?”

Hunting on a Chewsday -Tuesday

When’sday (Wednesday) 

“That’s When’sday, Daddi. It’s short for ‘When’sdinnerday?’ Humans often need to be reminded of their obligations to us. 

In a Cat's Calendar Wednesday is When'sday!

Thirstday (Thursday)

“The next day, Thirstday, is traditionally the day for enjoying milk, yoghurt or cream to quench our thirst.” 

Thirstday Thursday in a cat's calendar

Fryday (Friday)

Then, finally, we have Fryday.”

“What’s that about?”

“It’s a day for eating tasty fried tidbits like liver, fish or chicken.”

Cat with a whole chicken on 'Fryday' Friday


“Rinpoche, I’ve noticed that your days of the week all seem to revolve around food and relaxation.”

“Well, of course, Daddi! Is there anything else in life worth worrying about?”

“That’s a really good point, Rinpoche.”


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