A Down-to-earth Dog

Gruf the Dog illustrated by Julie Hope

The Great Gloucestershire Divide: Part 2

“Rinpoche, didn’t I see you greeting the white cat that you were hissing at yesterday?”

“Yes, Daddi. She’s my new friend, Milky Bar.”

“But I thought you said you hated her because she was a plutocat?  You told me they had selected a dog, Pluto, as their candidate for president of your cat council.”

“Milky Bar explained to me that Pluto’s bark is worse than his bite, Daddi. And at least he’s not a spoilt fat cat. He’s never been a politician before, and he always stays grounded. Pluto is one of us.”

“He’s not one of you; he’s a dog and you are cats!”

“Well, Milky Bar and I agree that we are both sick and tired of career politicians who are out of touch with us ordinary cats and think they are better than us. We want a down-to-earth dog like Pluto, who speaks the language we understand. Down with elitism! It’s time for a change.”

“I hate to interrupt your political tirade, Rinpoche, but you have to go to the butcher for your vaccinations now. So wash your face and paws and get ready to leave.”

“The butcher, Daddi? Surely he’s not qualified to do my vaccinations? We always go the nice vet lady.”

“I know, Rinpoche, but it’s time for a change. The butcher is a very down-to-earth fellow, and I thought you might be sick and tired of career vets.”

“Daddi, you are teasing, aren’t you?”

(Read Part 1 here)

-to be continued-

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