A Fishy Story

Rinoche goes fishing, but fishing for what?

“What are you doing with the goldfish bowl, Rinpoche? Get down at once!”

“I was just fishing, Daddi…”

“You’re not allowed to fish, Rinpoche! You know how much Mummi loves her little goldfish, Marmaduke.”

A scared goldfish“I wasn’t fishing for Marmalade, Daddi.”

“Then why was your paw in the water?”

“I was fishing for answers, Daddi. I was doing scientific research.”

“That’s a very fishy story, Rinpoche.”

“It’s true, Daddi! I put my paw in the bowl to find out why certain animals, like humans and fish, enjoy swimming in water.”

“Swimming is relaxing and fun, Rinpoche. And it helps us to keep cool on hot days.”

“That’s silly, Daddi! A sensible cat stays indoors and rests when the weather is hot. All that thrashing about in water drains your energy and makes you feel even hotter.”

“Well, either way, I don’t want you going anywhere near Marmaduke again. Stay away from his bowl. Is that clear, Rinpoche?”

“Daddi, why are you being so mean to a poor little cat? Sometimes I think you no longer love me! When was the last time you called me fluffy and adorable?”

“Now you’re fishing for compliments, Rinpoche. Of course I love you! But I still won’t allow you anywhere near Marmaduke’s bowl, even if you are only fishing for answers. I know how easily you can be tempted.”

“Daddi, all this talk about fishing has made me feel really hungry. Don’t you agree that something fishy, like goldfish poached in milk, would be yummy for dinner?”

“I’m not rising to the bait, Rinpoche. Marmaduke stays in his bowl, and you keep your distance!”

Photo credit: Hannah Reding on Unsplash

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