A Hard or Soft Eggsit

Rinpoche discusses hard or soft eggsit

The Great Gloucester Divide: Part 4

Rinpoche discusses the local argument about a hard or soft eggsit“How did  the refereedom go, Rinpoche? Who won the cat fight?”

The Wrecksiters won, Daddi. The referee decided that the pro-Wrecksit cat, Boris, was a stronger fighter and had inflicted more wounds than the cat, Jeremy, who was opposed to Wrecksit. So now our local council will be leaving the Gloucestershire Union.”

“And has the fighting finally come to an end?”

“No, Daddi. Things are worse than ever. Now all the cats in our neighbourhood are fighting about Eggsit.”


“Yes, it’s a special breakfast to celebrate our withdrawal from the Gloucestershire Union. A traditional Gloucestershire Union celebratory breakfast was always a BYO event and guests provided their own mice. But now that our council is leaving the GU, we’ve decided to follow our own rules and serve eggs instead.”

“Why has this caused so much fighting?”

“Well, some cats want a Hard Eggsit at which hard-boiled eggs would be served, and others prefer a Soft Eggsit with strangled eggs.”

Scrambled eggs?”

“Yes, the soft, mashed ones. I’m very much in favour of a Soft Eggsit, because I really like strangled eggs.”

“And who is going to provide the strangled… I mean scrambled eggs for all the guests?”

“Daddi, I have very good news! I volunteered your services for the catering.”

-to be continued-

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