A Rocket for Rinpoche

Strawberry full moon

The Strawberry Fool Moon: Part 1

“Daddi, what is the Strawberry Moon? I’ve heard some cats talking about it lately.”

“It’s the name that was given to the June Full Moon by Native American tribes. They noticed that the wild strawberries they liked to eat became ripe at the same time as the full moon appeared. Some people also call the June Full Moon the Honey Moon.”

“Can you eat this Strawberry Honey Fool Moon, Daddi?”

“Of course not, Rinpoche! The moon is made of rocks and volcanic matter as well as minerals.”

“I think you’re wrong, Daddi. I’ve heard the moon is made of cheese. That’s why it’s yellow. And if you look carefully, you can see it has holes in it like that Mental cheese I like so much.”

“The moon is definitely not made of Emmental cheese, Rinpoche.”

Cat pawing at the moon at nighttime“Well, I’d like to make sure, Daddi – just in case it’s edible. I’ve tried stretching out my paw to reach it, but it’s a bit too far away. Could you take me to the moon in your car, Daddi?”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible, Rinpoche. You can’t drive through space with a car. You need a rocket.”

“Would you buy one for me, Daddi? Then you can take me to the moon.”

“I can’t buy a rocket at the shops, Rinpoche. Rockets have to be built by extremely skilled people.”

“Then build one for me, Daddi. You’re good at building things. You built some shelves for Mummi last week, so a rocket should be easy. I want to go to the moon.”

“No, Rinpoche, building a rocket would be beyond my abilities. In any case, you need a place to launch it. Our garden is far too small.”

“You’re just making excuses, Daddi. I do so much for you, and you can’t do this one little favour for me! Why are you being so mean to a poor little cat?”

To be continued….

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