A Room for Roomination

The Big Mysteries of Life: Part 1

You’ve been sleeping on my bed all day, Rinpoche. You need some exercise.”

“I’m not sleeping, Daddi. I’m roominating.”


“Yes, whenever I’m in a quiet room like this, I have deep thoughts about the big questions in life.”

“Like black holes, time travel, or the mystery of human consciousness?”

“No, Daddi, I’m roominating about far more important things than that. I’m pondering the mysteries of human behaviour.”

“What mysteries?”

“Well, for a start, I’m wondering why you and Mummi sew your teeth together every morning and night?”

“We don’t sew our teeth together.”

“Yes, you do. I’ve watched you weaving the thread in and out between your teeth. Are you sewing them up to stop yourself from eating too many snacks?”

“Rinpoche, I think you’ve misunderstood. Mummi and I are cleaning our teeth. The thread you are talking about is called dental floss, and it’s used to remove pieces of food that are stuck between our teeth.”

“That seems like a big waste of time, Daddi. Why don’t you simply let the vet doctor clean your teeth for you every six months when she does mine? This would save you a lot of work. Humans seem to enjoy carrying out strange and unnecessary rituals.”

“You might have a point, Rinpoche. Now what other aspects of human behaviour are puzzling you?”

“We can talk about it later, Daddi. All my roomination has made me very tired. I need to have a short nap on your bed.”

 -to be continued-

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