A Scheming Little Manx

Rinpoche is a scheming little manx

Rinpoche is Homewrecker: Part 1

“What happened to your cheek, Rinpoche? You’re bleeding!”

“It was Brunhild’s fault, Daddi. She attacked me during my modelling class!”


“It was awful, Daddi! She leapt at me with her claws out and scratched my face.”


“Brunhild and Dr. Tröger have separated, Daddi. She’s thrown him out, and she’s blaming me for breaking up their relationship. She called me a ‘scheming little manx’.”

“You’re not a manx. You have a splendid, upright tail. I think she means a minx. That’s a cunning young female who is good at getting what she wants. Come to think of it, you can be a bit of a minx at times…”

“She said even meaner things about me, Daddi. She called me a homewrecker! I’m not a homewrecker, am I?”

“No, Rinpoche, although you did break Mummi’s favourite vase last week, and you also knocked over the goldfish bowl recently and gave poor Marmaduke, the goldfish, a terrible fright. Why is Brunhild so angry with you, anyway?”

“She says that Dr. Tröger is going through a male mentalpause and it’s all my fault for turning his head. I don’t know what she’s talking about, Daddi. His head looks exactly the same to me – I haven’t done anything to it.”

“I think she believes that you are trying to steal Dr. Tröger away from her.”

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