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The Great Gloucester Divide: Part 5

“Rinpoche, how many guests are invited to this Soft Eggsit celebratory breakfast your local cat council is organising?”

“Daddi, according to last month’s census figures, there were about 626 cats in our neighbourhood, but there have been several litters born since then. So you are probably looking at about 800.”

“Are you telling me you volunteered my catering services for 800 cats? I’m not cooking scrambled eggs for so many cats, Rinpoche!”

“But Daddi, you should feel honoured to have been chosen as the Soft Eggsit caterer. This is a very significant breakfast. It’s not every day we celebrate Wrecksit, our council’s withdrawal from the Gloucestershire Union.”

“Forget about it, Rinpoche! I’m not cooking all those scrambled eggs. I don’t have a large enough pan. These Wrecksit and Eggsit negotiations have caused nothing but trouble.”

“The neighbourhood cats will be very disappointed if you don’t cook the eggs, Daddi. Without a Soft Eggsit breakfast to ease our transition to Wrecksit, we’ll be forced to crash out of the Gloucestershire Union the hard way, and think of how much suffering that would cause!”

-The End-

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