A Sourdough Starter is Precious

Rinpoche Makes a Sourdough Starter.

Rinpoche Makes Sourdough Bread: Part 1

“What the…. Look at the mess you’ve made in the kitchen, Rinpoche! What are you doing?”

“I’m making sourdough bread, Daddi.”

“That’s insane! Cats don’t make sourdough bread.”

Gwyneth told me to make some, Daddi. She said sourdough bread is healthy.”

“When will you learn not to listen to that damn cat?”

“You said a bad word, Daddi.”

“I’ll say many more bad words by the time I’m finished with you! There’s flour and water all over the floor.”

“Daddi, it’s not my fault. I couldn’t help making a teeny mess when I tore the heavy packet of flour open with my claws…”

“This is not a teeny mess; it’s a total disaster! And what is that foul-smelling mix you have in your food bowl?”

“It’s my sourdough starter, Daddi. I have to let it ripen for about a week before I can use it.”

“It’s already disgustingly ripe! And there’s a dead mouse in the bowl!”

“I know, Daddi. I added it to make my sourdough starter ripen faster.”

“This stinking ‘starter’ has to go, Rinpoche. I’m tossing it out now; it’s a health hazard!”

“No, Daddi, please! You can’t kill my starter! I have to feed it every day until it’s ready. A sourdough starter is precious – looking after it is like caring for a baby kitten!”

“Too bad, Rinpoche!”

“Gwyneth was right about you, Daddi.”

“ln what way?”

“She said she doesn’t trust you because you have an evil look about you. And now you are planning to kill my innocent sourdough starter! How can I be sure that I won’t be your next victim, or perhaps even poor Mummi? You could be a serious killer and commit many murders!”

“I’m not a serial killer, Rinpoche…”

“Well, Gwyneth says that…”

“I’m sick and tired of hearing about Gwyneth! This whole thing is her fault. I could kill that stupid cat!”

“You see, Daddi? You are a serious killer!”

To be continued…..

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