A Travelling Cat

“Why are you trying to hide in Mummi’s suitcase, Rinpoche?”

“I want to go with you to Egypt, Daddi.”

“Rinpoche, we’ve discussed this before. You can’t travel with us.”

“But, Daddi, I’d like to see the big pointed hills, and I want to meet Queen Cleo Cat Ra.”

“How do you know about Queen Cleopatra?”

“I saw her on TV, Daddi.”

“Well, you can’t meet her. She’s been dead for several centuries. She was killed by an asp.”

“How did the ass kill her, Daddi?”

“Never mind, Rinpoche. Get out of Mummi’s suitcase before she sees you and becomes very angry!”

“Are you travelling in the tummy of the giant bird, Daddi?”

“Yes, we are travelling by plane.”

“Daddi, I want to travel in the big bird too! I’ve seen on TV how people lie in comfortable beds and are served delicious food.”

“That’s only if you travel first or business class. Those of us in economy class sit with our knees pressed up against our chins and are served inedible mush that’s far below your fussy standards.”

“I’ll put up with the food if I can fly inside the giant bird, Daddi. Please take me with you!”

“I really don’t understand why you are so keen to travel, Rinpoche. Nice Lady is coming to look after you. She spoils you so much that you usually ignore Mummi and me when we come home.”

“Daddi, travel would be good for me. I’ve heard it broadens the waistline. Look how yours grew after your trip to India.”

“I think you mean travel broadens the mind. Though, come to think of it, you might have a point about my waistline…”

The End

 Coming Soon: Gwyneth Returns: Part 1

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