An Annoying Cat Named App

The annoying cat named app

The Meowa Democatic Caucus: Part 1

“Rinpoche, you look a mess! Have you been in a cat fight?”

“No, Daddi. I went to vote for the Democatic Party’s nominee for President of the Gloucestershire Cat Council. Today was the Meowa primary.”

“Do you mean Iowa? Like the American state?”

“Of course not, Daddi! Our part of Gloucestershire is called Meowa – not Iowa.”

“How did the voting go?”

“It was a disaster, Daddi! And it’s all thanks to that awful App!”

“An app for counting votes?”

“Don’t be silly, Daddi! App is the name of a cat. He’s a very annoying member of the Gloucestershire Cat Council.” 

“In what way is he annoying?” 

“He insisted on changing our old system of voting, which has always been by a show of tails. Thanks to App, we now have to vote at a stupid Cork Cuss instead!”

“A caucus?”

“That’s exactly what I said, Daddi. Weren’t you listening?”

“Sorry, Rinpoche. Tell me more about this caucus.”

“Well, each of the fifty democatic presidential candidates found a place to stand on a wide field, and we voters gathered around the candidate of our choice. The winner was supposed to be the candidate who had the most supporters.”

“Which candidate did you chose?” 

“I chose the cat named Sleepy Joe; he’s a bit long in the tooth, but he’s a friendly cat and doesn’t have sharp claws like some of the other candidates. The only problem is that he’s inclined to say some strange things.” 

“Like what?”

“He calls everyone ‘daddy-o’ and keeps saying ‘far out’ and ‘groovy’. What do those words mean, Daddi? I’ve never heard them before in Humanspeak or Catspeak.”

“They are examples of sixties slang, Rinpoche. Don’t worry about it. I still don’t understand how you ended up looking so battered and dishevelled after attending this caucus.”

“Well, at first, everything seemed to be going well on the field, Daddi, but then something unexpected happened that turned the cork cuss into a complete catastrophe!”

To be continued…..

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