Anti-accidents and Free Radishes

Gwyneth Returns: Part 1








“Daddi, Gwyneth is back!”

“Your friend who persuaded you to go on those silly diets? Didn’t she move to Worcestershire?”

“She did, Daddi. But she had to leave Worcestershire in a hurry because of the hostile reaction of cat owners to her new Live Lite diet.”

“Another Gwyneth diet?”

“Yes, it was a truly revolutionary way of eating, Daddi. Thousands of Worcestershire cats tried the diet and were thrilled at their dramatic weight loss. The cats were not permitted to eat any fats, proteins, carbohydrates, sugar, fruit, vegetables, and foods beginning with the letters, C or F.”

“That sounds pretty extreme to me.”

“It was really effective, Daddi! Gwyneth was a celebrity in the Worcestershire cat community until her problems began…”

“What problems?”

“Many cats complained that they lacked energy and their hair was falling out in clumps. At first, the vets blamed this on a mange epidemic, but eventually the Worcestershire cat owners found out about Gwyneth’s diet, and they were furious! Poor Gwyneth and her family were the victims of such persecution that they fled the county!”

Poor Gwyneth? It sounds as though this was all her own fault.”

“No, Daddi. Gwyneth explained to me that the minor side effects, like starvation, hair loss and exhaustion were only temporary. The cats were still adjusting to the new diet. In time, all the anti-accidents in the food they ate would have protected them against the dangerous free radishes in their bodies.”

“Rinpoche, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!”

-to be continued-

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