The Sad Tale of a Fallen Female

Gwyneth the Ginger fallen Cat

“Rinpoche, that pesky black cat is rummaging through my bin again. And this time, there’s a scruffy ginger cat with him. Look at the mess they’ve made! I’m turning the hose on them.” “No, Daddi, don’t do it … please! That ginger cat is my best friend, Gwyneth!” “Gwyneth? You must be mistaken, Rinpoche....

Rinpoche Becomes a Celery Cat

Rinpoche becomes a celery cat

“Rinpoche, something strange is going on. There are eight cats sitting outside my front door, and each of them is holding a mouse. Do you know anything about this?” “Oh, those are some of my followers, Daddi.” “Your followers?” “Yes, Daddi. I don’t like to boast, but I’ve become famous and have many fans...

The Trouble with Kittens

A kitten causing trouble for Rinpoche

“Rinpoche, you look exhausted, and your ear is bleeding. What happened? Were you in a fight?” “No, Daddi. I was looking after the kitten next door, Mittens, while his owner went to the shops. I thought it would be fun to play a few games with him, but he immediately grabbed hold of my...

Dumb and Disgusting Droolers

A beagle dog with a fast asleep cat

“Daddi, why are dogs such pointless creatures?” “What you mean, Rinpoche?” “All they do is drool, Daddi. They are dumb and disgusting creatures.” “I think that’s a bit harsh, Rinpoche.” “But it’s true, Daddi. Just think about their poor personal hygiene. Have you ever seen a dog wash itself or clean up its mess...

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