Dumb and Disgusting Droolers

A beagle dog with a fast asleep cat

“Daddi, why are dogs such pointless creatures?” “What you mean, Rinpoche?” “All they do is drool, Daddi. They are dumb and disgusting creatures.” “I think that’s a bit harsh, Rinpoche.” “But it’s true, Daddi. Just think about their poor personal hygiene. Have you ever seen a dog wash itself or clean up its mess...

Crazy Cats and Wherewolves

Cat howling at the moon like a werewolf

The Strawberry Fool Moon: Part 2 “Daddi, could you please warn me when the June Fool Moon is almost here? I need to hide away.” “Why?” “I’m scared of the Fool Moon, Daddi. Haven’t you heard how it makes cats go crazy?” “There’ve always been stories about full moons affecting animal behaviour, Rinpoche. But...

A Fishy Story

Rinoche goes fishing, but fishing for what?

“What are you doing with the goldfish bowl, Rinpoche? Get down at once!” “I was just fishing, Daddi…” “You’re not allowed to fish, Rinpoche! You know how much Mummi loves her little goldfish, Marmaduke.” “I wasn’t fishing for Marmalade, Daddi.” “Then why was your paw in the water?” “I was fishing for answers, Daddi....

Rinpoche Gives a Psychic Reading

Rinpoche the cat giving a psychic reading

“I give psychic readings now, Daddi. Would you like me to do one for you?” “I think that stuff is a lot of nonsense, Rinpoche.” “Daddi, I know you’re a septic, but…” “I’m a sceptic with good reason, Rinpoche. Since when have you had these alleged psychic powers?” “I was born with the sixth...

The True Story of a Superprincess

Rinpoche tells a true story of a superprincess

Rinpoche Writes a Me-meow: Part 2 “Daddi, I’ve redone my me-meow. And I’ve changed the title to ‘The True Story of a Superprincess’.” “But you aren’t a…” “Don’t interrupt, Daddi. You’ll have a chance to praise me as much as you like after I’ve finished. Here’s the first chapter: From the moment I was...

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