Rinpoche Has Too Much To Do

Rinpoche has too much to do, especially if you factor in important cat jobs like napping.

“Rinpoche, you’re acting strangely. Why are you chasing your tail in that frantic way? Are you stressed about something?” “Too little time … too much to do… too much pressure…” “Whoa… Calm down, Rinpoche! Take a deep breath.”   “I don’t have time to breathe, Daddi. I have too many things to do.” “Like what?”...

Sharing Meals With Dr. Tröger

Sharing meals with Dr. Tröger

Rinpoche is a Homewrecker: Part 2 “Rinpoche, what has happened to your modelling tutor, Dr. Tröger, since he separated from his partner, Brunhild? Where is he now?” “It’s very sad, Daddi. Do you remember how he was once the Chief Cat of All Offices at Katzenjammer Computers?” “Didn’t you tell me that the employees...

A Scheming Little Manx

Rinpoche is a scheming little manx

Rinpoche is Homewrecker: Part 1 “What happened to your cheek, Rinpoche? You’re bleeding!” “It was Brunhild’s fault, Daddi. She attacked me during my modelling class!” “What??” “It was awful, Daddi! She leapt at me with her claws out and scratched my face.” “Why?” “Brunhild and Dr. Tröger have separated, Daddi. She’s thrown him out,...

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