Bottle Flipping is Fun

Another Day, Another Fad: Part 5

Photo by Guillermo Nolasco on Unsplash

“Come here, immediately, Rinpoche! Why is there broken glass all over the kitchen floor?”

“I can’t come right now, Daddi. I’m hiding away.”

“This is unbelievable! You’ve broken the expensive bottle of Shiraz that Mummi gave me for my birthday!”

“That’s why I’m hiding, Daddi.”

“Mummi is going to be furious, Rinpoche. She paid a fortune for that wine.”

“Perhaps you should tell her that you broke the bottle, Daddi?”

“That might help you, Rinpoche, but it certainly won’t help me.”

“Well, maybe you could tell Mummi that you drank all the red water in the bottle because it looked so delicious?”

“She’d be very hurt if I told her that, Rinpoche. We were saving that wine to share on our wedding anniversary. What were you doing with the bottle, anyway?”

“I was practising bottle flipping, Daddi. It’s great fun!”

“That stupid fad where you flick a bottle into the air and try to get it to land in an upright position?”

“It’s not a stupid fad, Daddi. It requires great skill and coordination.”

“Which you obviously don’t have, judging by all this broken glass on the floor! Rinpoche, I really think you should find a less destructive hobby.”

“It’s funny you should say that, Daddi. Look at this interesting toy I found in the road this morning. You can spin it on your paw like this.”

“Not one of those silly fidget spinners that are all the rage right now?”

“You should try it, Daddi. It’s wonderfully relaxing, and, frankly, you seem a little stressed right now.”

The End

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Coming Soon: Rinpoche Loves Feary Tails

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