The Bureau-cats at City Hall

The Odd-dizzy: Part 7

Photo by Cyrus Chew on Unsplash 

Rinpoche was in great distress when she returned from her next lesson with her tutor, Dr. Tröger. Meowing pitiably, she explained that her Chief Cat of the House examination had been postponed. 

“Daddi, the Khouncile Bureau-cats at City Hall have brought out a new regulation. Cats are not allowed to take the Chief Cat of the House exam unless they’ve registered at City Hall and obtained a licence. They also have to attend an interview to assess their suitability as Chief Cat candidates.” 

“I thought the exam assessed their suitability. Why do you need the interview in addition?”

“That’s exactly what Dr. Tröger said, Daddi. He complained that the Bureau-cats at City Hall always tie everything up with their red tape. Sometimes this happens to me, too, when I play with wool…” 

“Yes, I’ve noticed. But, Rinpoche, surely the new regulation isn’t the end of the world? Why don’t you go to City Hall tomorrow to sort everything out?”

“I can’t, Daddy. The regulation states that cats must wait until they are summoned. And there are hundreds of cats taking the Chief Cat exam, so it might be ages before my interview. By then, I’ll have forgotten everything I learnt about Leonardo da Vinci and square roots. I might even forget Einstein’s theory of relativity!”

“Rinpoche, I get the idea that Dr. Tröger has become very fond of you, hasn’t he?”

“Yes, Daddi, I’m his best pupil. He says I remind him of his daughter, Katrina, who was run over last year by the truck that takes away Gone Bins.”

“A garbage truck?”

“Yes, Daddi. It was a tragic and undignified way to lose her ninth life.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. But perhaps you should speak to Dr. Tröger about your examination worries. He might be able to sort things out.”

“That’s a good idea, Daddi. I will talk to him at my lesson, tomorrow.”

-to be continued-

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