A Case of Cat Karma

The Odd-dizzy: Part 12

Photo by Alan Chen on Unsplash

“What happened at City Hall that caused you to believe in Cat Karma, Rinpoche?”

“Daddi, do you remember the two mean yowlis I met on the catwalk?”

“The cats that bullied you? Of course I do!”

“Well, Daddi, while I was waiting for my turn to go up to the desk of the bureau-cat named Reception, she called ‘Next!’ once again, and, to my surprise, up stepped the big tabby that had called me a Scaredy-Cat and laughed at me…”

“What was he doing at City Hall?”

“The Khouncile had given him a fine for being a Peeping Tom. But he claimed he was innocent and said he had merely been playing a friendly game with two consenting, fun-loving females.”

“Did she believe him?”

“No, she insisted that he pay the fine. He became very angry and called her a ‘dried up old pussy’.”

“That couldn’t have gone down well.”

“No, Daddi. In fact, she increased the fine to ten mice! He made a very big fuss about this and kept refusing to pay, so she called two security guards – huge, fierce-looking cats that made the tabby look small by comparison. Reception instructed them to lead the tabby off to the Rough Up Room to be ‘rehabilitated’.”


“That’s only half the story, Daddi. Reception called ‘Next!’ once again, and the mean ginger friend of the tabby stepped up to the desk. He, too, had been given a fine – in his case for ‘Loitering on the Catwalk’. At first, he tried to avoid paying the fine by flirting with Reception, but she wasn’t impressed and increased his fine to one Grey Squirrel and twenty mice. This made him very abusive, so the Security Cats led him off too. And, best of all, the tabby and ginger have both been permanently banned from the catwalk.”

“It was worth waiting so long to see this, Rinpoche.”

“It was, Daddi – it was!”

-to be continued-

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