Rinpoche the cat contemplates life on the loo. Cato9Tales

Cat Clobber

Join Rinpoche, the resident cat, as she gives her honest, and somewhat hilarious opinion on the very latest cat clobber. Rinpoche tests everything from cat toys, to beds, products, gadgets and gizmos.


Aumüller Shanghai Flamingo Cushion with Catnip, Valerian & Spelt

Is your cat getting bored during lockdown? We noticed that Rinpoche had become a little needy in recent weeks, so we set about finding something that would keep her happy and amused. She still likes to play with her Cat Wand, but her new toy is her favourite and the ideal …

The Very Best Cat Themed Christmas Gifts

If you're on the hunt for that perfect gift for your cat loving friend or relative, then look no further. We've trawled the web to bring a definitive list of the very best cat themed Christmas gifts, from wearables and art to home decor and books. Whether you're looking for …

Happy Meow Sardine Catnip Toy

Rinpoche is currently reviewing this product. Come back soon or subscribe to Cato9tales and we'll let you know when Rinpoche has reached her verdict.

Rinpoche Reviews: Cat Wand Toy Making Kit

Since nobody knows your cat as well as you do, the fab Cat Wand Making Kit by Sandy Leaf Farm allows you to create a personalised toy that is guaranteed to please even the most unenthusiastic cat. Cat Wand Toy Making Kit OverviewYou know your cat better than anyone else does. Is she …

GPS Tracker for Cats: Review

The GPS Cat Tracker for Cats is a collar with, you guessed it, GPS tracking capabilities. We take a look at the features and get Rinpoche to try it out.GPS Tracker OverviewIf you've ever wondered where your cats go and the mischief they create during those nighttime expeditions then this …

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