A Cat Named Reception

The Odd-dizzy: Part 11

Photo by Laura Lee Moreau on Unsplash

“Rinpoche, tell me more about this bureau-cat named Reception. Did you manage to find her office at City Hall?”

“Yes, as Sloth had said, it was right at the end of a long corridor, but I had to join a coup of cats before I could speak to her…”

“Do you mean a queue of cats?”

“That’s what I said, Daddi. It was a very long coup that started in the corridor outside Reception’s office and ended at her desk.”

“Were all of these cats trying to register as candidates for the Chief Cat of the House exam?”

“No, Daddi. The cats in the coup were waiting to see Reception for many different reasons. Some were registering the birth of kittens or applying for licences to move to new homes.

Several other cats had come to pay fines for various offences. The cat in front of me in the coup complained that he had been unfairly fined two grey squirrels for creating a public disturbance. And all he did was serenade his new girlfriend!”

“Perhaps his singing was a little over-enthusiastic. What were some of the other fines for?”

“Disorderly conduct, trespassing, public indecency, vandalism, or failure to pay the monthly Rats and Taxes.”

“To the Cat Council?”

“Yes, we all have to pay two rats every month. And we get nothing in return for it!”

“Did any of the cats complain about their fines?”

“Yes, but Reception showed no sympathy, and she made the long wait even worse by being so unhelpful. She dealt promptly with the cats that were paying fines but told all the other cats that they were in the wrong department and should return to the bureau-cat named Sloth. He immediately sent every cat back to Reception again, so this all took a long time and nothing much was achieved. I was becoming very tired and discouraged, and my tummy was rumbling from hunger … but then something happened that made my whole trip to City Hall worthwhile. I now know that there is such a thing as Cat Karma!”

-to be continued-

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