Catspeak School

Lesson 3: Descriptive Words cont’d.

Phluffi [fluffy]

Rumph [rumf]
Crunchy, eg rumph plokkits.

Shmoo [shmoo]
Soft and smooth; pulpy and squishy.

Aowld [old]
Wise and elderly – always used with respect.

Birow [bee-row]
A universal context-dependent question that can mean where, what, why, or how, and is often asked in a tone of despair.

Chitti [chitty]
Fast; hurried; urgent.

Tortla [tort-la]
Slow, casual.

Schnoogli [shnoog-li]
Enclosed and comfortable; warm and cosy. A schnoogliwumpus is an igloo bed.

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Catspeak School: Lesson 4 – Activity Words coming soon!

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