Catspeak School

Lesson 5: Names for stuff

Grush [groosh]
A word to describe any dense vegetation higher than a cat’s head. An English meadow, African veld, and Vietnamese jungle are all equally grush. 

Roli [roal-i]
Ball or wheel.  Many derivatives exist:

Motor car              stinki-roli

Motor cycle           bizzum-roli

Truck/Bus etc       rumble-roli

Ambulance, Police Car,

Fire Engine etc      wee-woo flashroli

Bicycle                  paddlefoot-roli

Pram/Wheelchair   sitz-roli

Trolley                  push-roli



Round  [round]
Coins, medals, any disc-like object.

Shini  [shiny]
Any shiny object. A £1000 gold coin is thus a round shini, as is a galvanised washer costing 0.01c.

– to be continued – 

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