Catspeak School

Lesson 1: Creature Words

Rril,Yowli,Yumrril and Yuli [ril, yow-li, yum-ril & yoo-li]

In Catspeak the general word for cat is Rril

An attractive queen in season is called a yumrril, while a spayed queen is called a yuli.

Tomcats are called yowlis.

Yowlis like to fight [frokca] and make a loud noise serenading queens. Successful fighting and serenading can lead to sex, which is called fruka-fruka.

Neutered tomcats are still called yowlis so they don’t lose face. They’ve lost enough already.

Gruf [groof] 

Dog. All kinds, breeds, and sizes. Humans [ayoomfas] love grufs because they fawn and fetch sticks. Grufs love ayoomfas because they know no better. Grufs like to get dirty but are unable to properly wash themselves, which is why they smell bad [niff smort].

Khat Lore advocates all cats be very wary of grufs. Below is pictured the well known celebrity, Gruf Ravenous,  respected by cats everywhere, as well as thirsty humans.      


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