Catspeak School

Lesson 1: Creature Words – cont’d. 

Chirrit [chirr-it]

A general term, which describes the whole spectrum of winged creatures, flying creatures, and flying objects presumed to be creatures. Amongst these are the plappa-chirrits (ducks and other water birds) and the donka-chirrits (bats, owls and other noctural birds).

Cats detest crows, and so they have  a special name all of their own – kraak









Bizzum [Bizzzzz-im]

A word to describe flying insects, some of which make tasty snacks, while others taste phol and can cause bloik-bloik. Flying ants are particularly valued for sport and eating.

Krorli [kraw-li]

Refers to all crawling insects. Excludes worms, which are classified as tikkiSlinkis.

Spinelly [spin-illy]

Spider. Under certain circumstances spiders are called Corner Krorlis.

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