Catspeak School

Lesson 1: Creature Words – cont’d. 

Ayoomfarolê [Ay-oomfa-role-ay]

An ayoomfarolê is a very special ayoomfa, who by virtue of his or her good deeds and willing, reliable service to the feline community, has been declared an honorary cat.

Puriks & Mowrrils [poor-iks & mow-rils]

Purik means kitten. The word is also used together with  creature words to represent the infant of the species. For example, ayoomfa-puriks are children, gruf-puriks are puppies, and chirrit-puriks are fledglings. Purik implies both small size and youth, whereas tikki implies only small size.

A mother cat is known as a mowrril.




Binigaus [binni-gows]

Unspecified burrowing creature. For some reason cats are always very vague when asked about binigaus, and very little is known about this animal.

Lesson 2: Food and Drink Words coming soon! 

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