Catspeak School

In order to communicate with cats and understand their convoluted thinking, you require a rudimentary knowledge of Cat Logic and Catspeak.

Catspeak is the language used in the feline world and sometimes shared with trusted, privileged humans (known to cats as ayoomfarolês). We have created some highly valuable, comedic FREE lessons for you to enjoy.

To understand the logic of cats, you need to realize that they do not arrive at a conclusion by following a sequence of logical steps. Instead, they suddenly pounce on an idea as though it were a mouse, teasing their thoughts and tossing them about. Often, they are left with mangled misconceptions, which you cannot eradicate from their stubborn minds. Cats are also prone to be alarmist, and they quickly move from a state of mild anxiety to extreme panic.

So, let’s get straight to it. Sit back, relax and learn.

Avoid situations like this and attend our online catspeak lessons at catspeak schoolWhy Learn CatSpeak?

  • It’s free! No terms and conditions! All you have to do is read and pay attention!
  • Help dispel the feline perception of human uselessness.
  • Self improvement – provide better service to your cats.
  • Avoid embarrassing misunderstandings.

What You’ll Learn at CatSpeak School – The Curriculum

Lesson 1: Creature Words

Catspeak School Curriculum Lesson 2: Food Words

Lesson 3: Descriptive Words

Lesson 4: Activity Words

Lesson 5: Names for Stuff

Lesson 6: Tutorial

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