Catspeak Lesson 3: Descriptive Words

Good and Clean Descriptive Words

Qolliti [kwol-itti] – Very nice; exquisite; delicious.

Kru [kroo] – Nice; pleasant.

Krinka [kring-ka] – Clean.

Prinka [pring-ka] – Very clean; pristine.

Good and clean descriptive words according to cats

Bad and Dirty Descriptive Words

Phol [fol] Bad.

Smort [smort] Filthy and smelly


Cat in a dirty litter tray

Tocka [tock-a] – Large.   

Tikki [tick-i] – Small.  

!Mwa mmm-wah!! – None, Not enough.

Glorp [glorp] – More than enough; an ample sufficiency; abundant.

Phluffi [fluffy] – Fluffy.

Rumph [rumf] – Crunchy, eg rumph plokkits.

Shmoo [shmoo] – Soft and smooth; pulpy and squishy.

Aowld [old] – Wise and elderly – always used with respect.

Birow [bee-row] – A universal context-dependent question that can mean where, what, why, or how, and is often asked in a tone of despair.

In a Cat's Calendar Wednesday is When'sday!

Chitti [chitty] – Fast; hurried; urgent.

Tortla [tort-la] – Slow, casual.

Schnoogli [shnoog-li] – Enclosed and comfortable; warm and cosy. A schnoogliwumpus is an igloo bed.

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