Catspeak Lesson 4: Activity Words

Activity Words: Rest and Relaxation

Plixi [plixie] – To play, to entertain.

Krinckle-krunckle [crinckle-crunckle] – That kneading done by kittens and adult cats pretending to be kittens.


Cat scratching the sofa. Catspeak activity words

Umbri [um –brie] – To saunter, amble or stroll.

Rumbla [Rum-bluh] – To purr. Also known as happi-rumble.

Snuza [snoo-za] – To doze or catnap.

Troon  [troon] – To sleep soundly.

Original drawing of cats snoozing. Learn Catspeak, words for different activities

Activity Words: Eating, Mating & Contemplating

Fruka-fruka [froo-kuh froo-kuh] – Sexual intercourse.

Ombruza [om-broo-za] – To sit in one place for a long time. To wait or meditate.

Plap [Plupp] – Drink or lap.

Skoof [skoof] – To eat.

Cats at the door, original illustration by Cat09tales. Ombruza means to sit in one place for a long time in Catspeak

… And Grooming

Slurrup [Slur-rupp] – To wash and groom.

Slurrup means to wash and groom in Catspeak (activity words in Catspeak)
Cat having a wash. Activity words in Catspeak by Cato9tales
Slurrup means to have a wash in catspeak. Original illustration by Cato9tales

Activity Words: Hunting, fighting & Serious Stuff

Niffa [niff-a] – To smell and/or to sense with whiskers.

Wozza  [woz-za] – To look.

Jumpa  [jump-a] – To pounce and catch, or maybe not.

Ragga [rag-ga] – To run, to pursue.

Frokca[frokka] – To fight. 

Jumpa in Catspeak means to catch.
Tocka Fokca means to fight in catspeak. Illustration by
Frokca in Catspeak means to fight. Learn Catspeak at


Clikkaclikka  [click-a click-a] – Means ‘I’ll bite you’. Cats often sit by a window making clikkaclikka  at birds when hunting is just too much trouble.

Shpitzah [shpit-za] – An epithet. Politely put, it means ‘Go Away’.

Cat with a catapult
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