Catspeak Lesson 5: Names for Stuff

Grush [groosh] – A word to describe any dense vegetation higher than a cat’s head. An English meadow, African veld, and Vietnamese jungle are all equally grush. 

Roli [roal-i] – Ball or wheel.  Many derivatives exist:

Motor car – stinki-roli

Motor cycle – bizzum-roli

Truck/Bus etc – rumble-roli

Ambulance, Police Car, Fire Engine etc – wee-woo flashroli

Bicycle – paddlefoot-roli

Pram/Wheelchair – sitz-roli

Trolley – push-roli

Round [round] – Coins, medals, any disc-like object.

Shini  [shiny] – Any shiny object. A £1000 gold coin is thus a round shini, as is a galvanised washer costing 0.01c.

Cats refer to fire engines as wee-woo flashroli. Lean Catspeak names for stuff in lesson 5

Woo-woo [woo-woo]

Cats do not like woo-woo to blow under their tails. It is considered a very bad omen.

Kikkarik [kick-a-rick]

Skybang [sky-bang]
Thunder. Also explosions, cars backfiring, gunshots etc.

kikkarik is lighting in Catspeak

Safe Inside Stuff

Lidda   [lid-duh] – Lid or saucer. Generalised covering.  Also refers to the roof of a house.

Potta  [pot-tuh] – Bowl or pot. A potta from which humvee or hullabulla can be licked is especially prized and is known as qolliti potta.

Pot stuck on cat's head. Original illustration by Julie Hope

Cat Comfort

Wumpus [whum-pis] – Bed. A comfortable place to troon. A wumpus can take many forms. A human’s bed is an ayoomfawumpus, and highly prized.

Wumpus in catspeak means bed or a comfy place
Wumpus is a comfy bed in catspeak. Original drawing by Cato9tales
Wumpus is the terms cats use for a bed

Names for Stuff: Bodily Functions

Shufa [shoo-fah] – Excrement, faeces.

Wizz [wizz] – Urine.

Bloik-bloik [bloyk-bloyk] – Vomit.

Important Notice

Cats are very sensitive about their toilet and do not like being observed or recorded.  Khat Lore deems it very rude for a primitive species like humans to watch or record a cat performing ablutions.

So to politely represent these things  we have drawn a Bear in the Woods.

Bear in the woods. Original illustration by Cato9tales

Wark-wark [waark-waark] – To cough up a furball.

Lollijubber – Loose fluffy belly fat.

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