Catspeak Lesson 6: Cat Conversations Tutorial

Having mastered some of the basic language the final lesson at our Catspeak school is to familiarise yourself with actual cat conversations. This will help aid your knowledge of communication to figure out what on earth is going on with our crazy, but lovable cats. Check out the other lessons in our Catspeak School if you need a refresher. 


Cat Conversations: Where is the Food? 

Where is the food. A cat conversation, tutorial by Cato9tales

Cat Conversations: Unwanted Suitor 

The unwanted suitor cat conversation

Wise Proverbs from Khat Lore

Umbri tortla, skoof chitti.
Walk slowly, eat fast.

Chirrit kru potta, chirrit phol grush.
It is better for a bird to be in the pot than in the bush.

Wozza Jumpa.
Look before you leap.

Wooza Jumpa means look before you leap in Catspeak
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