Chief and Only Cat of the House

The Odd-dizzy: Part 16

“Rinpoche, what was the final question that the bureau-cat, Reception, asked in your interview?”

 “She wanted to know how many cats there were in my household. When I told her that I was the only cat in the house, she said that this was most irregular and asked how I could be Chief Cat of the House if I was the only cat in the house and had no other cats to discipline. I explained that you and Mummi are my obedient subordinates.”

“We certainly are, Rinpoche. Did you persuade her?”

“No, Daddi, she said it was contrary to Subsection 18C of Regulation 938 for an only cat to be Chief Cat of the House, so I did not qualify for the position.”

“Rinpoche, are you saying you didn’t get your licence to attend the Chief Cat exam?”

“It looked that way at first, Daddi. But then I mentioned that Dr. Tröger would be very disappointed by this news, and Reception suddenly became much friendlier to me. She asked if I was referring to the famous Dr. Tröger from Darmstadt in Germany and said she would love to meet him. When I fetched him, Reception acted very strangely. She kept flirtatiously flicking her whiskers at Dr. Tröger and foolishly giggling.”

“Was he impressed by this attention?”

“Not one bit, Daddi! He had been waiting outside since early morning and wanted his frankfurter dinner. He muttered something under his breath about a ‘Schreckliche Frau’ and demanded to know why she had refused to grant a licence to his favourite pupil.”

“And then?”

“To my surprise, Reception told Dr. Tröger that I appeared to be such a promising candidate for the position of Chief Cat of the House that she was prepared to issue my licence immediately.”

“Excellent news! So, you’ll be able to attend the examination in two weeks time?”

“I will, Daddi. And I can’t wait!”

-to be continued-

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