Chief Cat of the Outhouse

The Odd-dizzy: Part 2          

Rinpoche was very fearful as she set off for her appointment with her tutor, Dr. Tröger, in town. It was several days before she was ready to tell me about her stressful journey.

“It was terrifying, Daddi! I’d never been so far away from home on my own before, and I was shaking all over! I ran away when I saw a huge black dog barking fiercely behind his gate, and some cheeky young kittens laughed at me.”

“Poor Rinpoche! That must have been very humiliating.”

“It was, Daddi. Insolent puriks! But things got even worse when I reached that awful Catwalk that leads across the bridge towards town…”


The Catwalk was a notorious meeting place for cats of dubious reputation. Sometimes, big leering tomcats, known as yowlis, hung out there, lewdly catcalling and jeering as female cats passed. Rinpoche’s heart sank when she saw the smirking tabby directly ahead; he was shamelessly eyeing her, as was his obese, stupid-looking ginger friend sitting next to him. With trembling paws she walked towards the mean-looking yowlis.

“Hey, Scaredy-Cat!”

Rinpoche pretended she had not heard the tabby and kept her eyes averted as she approached the two cats.

“I’m speaking to you, Pussy! Where are you going?” called the tabby.

“Fraidy-cat, fraidy-cat!” chanted the ginger moronically.

“Are you deaf, Skinny?” the tabby jeered. “I asked you where you’re going.”

Poor Rinpoche had no choice but to answer the hecklers. “I’m g-going to my t-training.”

“What type of training, Pussy? Do you mean toilet training? Is that why you look as though you’re about to wet yourself with fear?” The tabby nudged the ginger, and their mirth caused them both to wobble like large jellies.

“I’m going to train for my Chief Cat of the House exam,” said Rinpoche with as much dignity as she could muster.

“Chief Cat of the House? You?? Chief Cat? You’re kidding me!”

“She means Chief Cat of the Outhouse,” the ginger contributed. This remark reduced the two cats to paroxysms of laughter, giving Rinpoche the opportunity to escape her tormentors by running down The Catwalk as quickly as she could. 

to be continued

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