Crazy Cats and Wherewolves

Cat howling at the moon like a werewolf

The Strawberry Fool Moon: Part 2

“Daddi, could you please warn me when the June Fool Moon is almost here? I need to hide away.”


“I’m scared of the Fool Moon, Daddi. Haven’t you heard how it makes cats go crazy?”

“There’ve always been stories about full moons affecting animal behaviour, Rinpoche. But there’s absolutely no scientific evidence to back up these claims.”

“The stories are true, Daddi! Do you remember my friend, Gwyneth?”

“The cat that follows all those fad diets?”

Pot stuck on cat's head. Original illustration by Julie Hope“Yes, Daddi. Last month, when there was a Fool Moon, she went bonkers and ran around the house with a yoghurt tub stuck on her head! She had to go to the nice vet lady to have it removed.”

“I doubt whether the moon had anything to do with her behaviour, Rinpoche. She’s always seemed a bit weird to me. Besides, the container probably ended up on her head accidentally. She might have been licking yoghurt from it.”

“She’d never do that, Daddi. She’s lacktoes intolerant. Anyway, she’s not the only cat to behave strangely. Little Mittens next door chases big, fierce dogs when there’s a Fool Moon. And he’s normally such a timid cat.”

“I don’t see how the strange behaviour of your friends should make you fearful, Rinpoche.”

“It’s other crazy cats I worry about, Daddi. I’ve heard there are cats that are repossessed by demons when there is a fool moon!”

“Possessed by demons? Nonsense!”

“And what about Zombie Cats and Walking Dead Cats? Or other scary creatures, like the wherewolves, who keep howling, ‘Where? Where? Where is my cat dinner?’ You must please tell me when it’s time to hide, Daddi.”

“You’ll be hiding for a long time before the full moon disappears, Rinpoche. And you’ll be cold and uncomfortable.”

“I’ve thought of that, Daddi. That’s why I’ve decided to hide in your bed with you and Mummi.”

“You know you’re not allowed in my bed, Rinpoche. Mummi is allergic to your fur.”

“Just this one time, Daddi … It’s not much for a helpless and scared little cat to ask … Pleeeeease!!”

“You are not a helpless little cat, Rinpoche; you are a shamelessly manipulative and cunning one!”

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