Draining the Swamp

Hand drawn portrait in pastel pencil by Andrea Hopepi-artstudios.com


Voting for Trumpet: Part 2.

“Rinpoche, what’s wrong with you today? You haven’t touched your food.”

“I’m disappointed in Trumpet, Daddi. He hasn’t kept his promises.”

“What promises has he broken?”

“He hasn’t locked up Slush; he hasn’t built a wall on the catwalk; and he hasn’t made Gloucestershire Great Again.”

“Yes, Gloucestershire seems much the same to me.”

“And he hasn’t drained The Swamp, Daddi.”

“The Swamp?”

“The Khouncile Swamp – well, actually it’s more like a small pond… Trumpet always complained that the Democats filled it with their big fish, but now he’s stocking it with his own even bigger fish.”

“All politicians do this, Rinpoche. You can’t trust any of them.”

“But, Daddi, he’s given all the best Khouncile jobs to his children, Cornet, Viola and Sax. These Fat Cats have got the softest beds and eat out of gold-plated food bowls! And they don’t even pay any Trickle Down Squee Tax.”


“What on earth is Trickle Down Squee Tax?”

“There’s a new law that every cat has to pay a tax of one Squee per week to the Khouncile Fat Cats. This can be a mouse, a vole or any other Squee. Trumpet told us that the abundance of food would trickle down to ordinary working cats like me…”

“Rinpoche, you are definitely not a working cat!”

“Have you ever tried to catch a squee, Daddi? It’s hard work! Anyway, not a single squee has reached any of us proletaricats, but the Fat Cats are getting fatter by the day. It’s just not fair!”

“Ah, Rinpoche, it’s like this in the human world too.”

“But at least your presidents behave with dignity, Daddy. Trumpet brawls like an alley cat with any cat that says something nasty about him. And have you humans ever had a president who boasts that he likes to grab pussies?”

“The democratic thing to do is to vote him out at the next election, Rinpoche.”

“Forget about this demo cat tick thing, Daddi. I can’t wait that long. The next election is a whole month away!”

“Well, what would you suggest?”

“Lock him up, Daddi… Lock him up!”

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