Eating Like a Cave Cat

Rinpoche Eats Clean Food: Part 2 

“Rinpoche, I notice you haven’t eaten your kale, quinoa and chia seed supper.”

“It’s horrible, Daddi. Ugh!”

“I warned you that you might not like it. Perhaps you should complain to your friend, Gwyneth. This clean eating was her idea.”

“I’ve already spoken to her, Daddi. She says I should try the Paleo diet instead. From now on, I’ll eat the type of food that my ancestors ate.”

“Are you sure about this, Rinpoche?”

“Definitely, Daddi. I want to eat like a Cave Cat.”


“Daddi, have you forgotten my supper? My food bowl is empty!”

“Yes, I know. You said you wanted to eat like a Cave Cat.”

“Then why haven’t you given me a nice Paleo meal?”

“Your ancestors hunted for their food, Rinpoche; they didn’t get meals served to them in a bowl. If you really want to eat like a Cave Cat, you must hunt for your food.”

Hunt, Daddi? Are you joking?”

“No, Rinpoche, I’m perfectly serious.”

“But I’m not good at hunting, and you never allow me to catch your garden birds.”

“That’s true, but you are welcome to hunt for some mice or rats instead.”

“Daddi, mice and rats are toys. I like playing with them, but I’m not keen on the taste of them. Besides, I don’t think they are clean food.”

“That’s too bad, Rinpoche. Cave Cats can’t be fussy. Your ancestors would have been grateful for anything they could find.”

“What are you having for dinner, Daddi? Something smells really good.”

“Fish and chips. But you can’t have any. Your Cave Cat ancestors didn’t eat fried fish and chips. Anyway, there’s gluten in the batter.”

“Daddi, you are being cruel to a poor starving cat…”

– to be continued –

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