Fierce and Dangerous Litter Boxes

The Big Mysteries of Life: Part 2

“Rinpoche, why are you staring at the toilet with that strange expression on your face? Are you ruminating again?”

“Daddi, I’m bathroominating. There are many big mysteries in this small room.”

“What is puzzling you, my Rinpoche?”

“I don’t understand why humans use such dangerous and fierce litter boxes – the ones you call toilets.”

“In what way are they dangerous and fierce?”

“They are not shaped like ordinary litter boxes, Daddi, so a cat or small human could easily fall into that big bowl. And I often hear them roar in fury for no good reason.”

“Poor Rinpoche! I’ve noticed you sometimes rush out of the bathroom in a great panic. You have nothing to fear. The toilet is not angrily roaring at you; that’s just the noise it makes when I flush it…”

“You mean this is your fault, Daddi? Why would you want to provoke an angry beast?”

“I’m not provoking the toilet, Rinpoche. I’m flushing it to clean up after myself once I’ve used the toilet.”

“That’s silly, Daddi. I don’t ‘flush’ my litter box. Anyway, why don’t you do what a sensible cat does and go out into the garden when nature calls? Then you can bury your business under the soil.”

“I can’t do that, Rinpoche. The neighbours would be horrified!”

“No they wouldn’t, Daddi. They would probably admire you for your cleverness and then do the same thing themselves. Humans are slow to learn new skills on their own, but they quickly follow those who lead them in the right direction.”

– to be continued –

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