Five Little Kittens Named Mittens

Daddi Homeschools Mittens: Part 1

“Daddi, I’m just popping out to see Mittens. I’ll be back before dinner.”

“Are you talking about that hyperactive kitten that you sometimes babysit?” 

“No, Daddi, that’s Naughty Mittens. I’m talking about Sensible Mittens, the girl next door. She was recently spayed, so I want to find out how she is and whether she joined the #MeAlso movement as I suggested.” 

“This is confusing, Rinpoche. Are you telling me that both these kittens are named Mittens?”

“Yes, Daddi, they are actually cousins, and they have another cousin named Mittens too. He lives next door to Gwyneth. We call him Shy Mittens because he’s so timid. And then there’s Clever Mittens and Frisky Mittens …”

“The kitten that you suspected of flirting with you?” 

“I was wrong about that, Daddi. He’s just playful.” 

“There seem to be a lot of cats around here that are named Mittens.”

“It was one of the most popular names for kittens in 2019.”

Congratulations Daddi.

“Talking about Mittens, Daddi, I’ve been meaning to congratulate you!”


“You’ve been chosen, Daddi.”Preparing for kittens. A guide to looking after a kitten.

“Chosen for what?”

“To homeschool Mittens.”

“Ha, ha! Very funny, Rinpoche!”

“No, I’m not joking, Daddi. Mittens’ guardian, Mrs Frazzle, is working for three weeks, and she needs someone capable and firm to home-school Mittens during the day.”

“Which Mittens are you talking about – Naughty Mittens, Sensible Mittens, Shy Mittens, Clever Mittens, or Frisky Mittens?”

“Naughty Mittens, Daddi.”

“Forget about it, Rinpoche! I’m not homeschooling a naughty kitten!”

“But, Daddi, you should feel honoured to be chosen for such a responsible position. Mrs Frazzle and I considered many candidates, and we decided you’d be best for the job. Besides, you told me you’ll be at home for the next three weeks, so this is a good time for you to help out.”

“I’m not on holiday, Rinpoche; I’m working at home on several projects. Why don’t you home-school him yourself?”

“Mittens doesn’t regard me as an authority figure, Daddi; he thinks of me as a friend and playmate. You might command more respect from him than I do. But you can count on me to give you plenty of homeschooling guidance.”

To Be Continued

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