Friends in High Places

The Odd-dizzy: Part 8

Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

“You are grinning like a Cheshire Cat, Rinpoche. Did your tutor, Dr. Tröger, succeed in getting you an interview at City Hall?”

“Oh yes, Daddi. Thanks to him, I have an appointment with the City Hall bureau-cats tomorrow morning. If all goes well, I’ll be able to register as a candidate for the Chief Cat of the House exam.”

“How did he organize that?”

“Well, it turned out that Dr. Tröger has friends in high places. He knows Cat Gravy, who is the third cousin, several times removed, of Cat Slush, the Chief Cat of the Khouncile. Dr. Tröger gave a small gift of ten mice to Cat Gravy, and my appointment was booked immediately.”


“Yes, it’s a miracle, Daddi! I told you Dr. Tröger is a very clever cat. I’m convinced he is the Mess Eye.”

“Well, Messiah or not, this is excellent news, Rinpoche!”

“It gets even better, Daddi. Dr Tröger says he will accompany me to City Hall tomorrow. He will show me the way and help me to cross the busy main street with all the terrifying car machines.”


“Of course, he can’t be present at my interview – that’s against Khouncile regulations – but he has promised to wait for me outside City Hall.”

“Well, by this time tomorrow you and I will be celebrating with a prawn dinner, Rinpoche. I’m sure that getting your licence to attend the Chief Cat of the House examination will be a breeze!”

-to be continued-

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