Frogs, Beasts and Wolves

Rinpoche Loves Feary Tails: Part 3

“What’s the matter, Rinpoche? You are wearing your worried face.”

“Daddi, I have some fears about feary tails.”

“What fears?”

“I’m worried that you and Mummi might make me marry a frog. I was watching a TV feary tail today about a princess who married a frog that turned into a handsome prince when she kissed it. But, Daddi, you should know that I have high standards: I might eat a frog occasionally, but I refuse to kiss one – even if it does turn into a prince.”

“I promise you that I won’t ever force you to marry a frog, Rinpoche.”

“And what about an ugly beast, Daddi? I don’t want to marry one of those either – not even a good beast like the one in ‘Beauty and the Beast’.”

“Agreed, Rinpoche. You can stop worrying about an arranged marriage with a beast. Now have I set your mind at rest?”

“No, Daddi. I’m still worried about the big bad wolf. How do I know he’s not hiding in the house?”

“He’s not. I would notice a wolf in my house.”

“But he might be disguised as a grandmother, Daddi. Wolves can be very cunning.”

“I’d notice a grandmother in my house, too, Rinpoche.”

“Perhaps he’s hiding in the garden, Daddi. Could you quickly check for me? I’m frightened to go outside.”

“There’s nowhere a wolf could hide in our garden, Rinpoche. But I’ll go and look if it reassures you.”

“Thanks, Daddi. And could I ask you one last small favour?”

“Certainly, Rinpoche.”

“Would you please find a woodcutter to come and live with us? I’ve heard they are very good at fighting wolves.”

– to be continued –

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