Hatching Discordia

Hatching Discordia


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In this delightful satirical romp – set in the near future – an amalgamation of bankrupt governments, power-hungry banks, and greedy global corporations has brought about the collapse of Western civilization. Much of the world has become a medieval theocracy in which former insurance salesman, Enrico Carrera, has inherited the papacy through a blend of ambition and serendipity. Enrico’s nemesis is Godzbadeh Ampzilla, a demented doctor with a fat fetish, who has cunningly inveigled himself into the presidency of a wealthy Middle Eastern oil state. Taking advantage of a computer error, Godzbadeh declares himself Ruler of the World, much to the pique of Pope Enrico. Through a hilarious and chaotic sequence of events, the two religious leaders eventually make their way to Crete.

Meanwhile, Ike Yamamoto, the quixotic chairman of the Japanese Muchashita Corporation, has also taken refuge in Crete, where his team continues an indulgent genetic experiment to make women lay eggs. Thanks to the bungling of an incorrigibly clumsy Mexican janitor, the prototype egg hatches into something completely unexpected. This sets the stage for a merry misadventure in Crete, with Pope Enrico and Godzbadeh Ampzilla resorting to any lengths to control the hatchling to cement their religious authority.

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