GPS Tracker for Cats: Review

Rinpoche reviews the cat GPS Tracker

The GPS Cat Tracker for Cats is a collar with, you guessed it, GPS tracking capabilities. We take a look at the features and get Rinpoche to try it out.

GPS Tracker Overview
If you’ve ever wondered where your cats go and the mischief they create during those nighttime expeditions then this is probably the perfect gadget for the more curious feline lovers.  

The GPS Tracker for Cats is specifically designed to allow owners to track cat movements during excursions on the accompanying Tracker App. 

Key Features of the GPS Cat Tracker
  •  Built-in breakaway collar
  •  Live tracking. Track your cat in real time using the handy mobile app
  •  Activity monitoring allows you to track your cat’s fitness
  • Flexible subscription plans starting from £3.33 per month
Rinpoche’s Review of the GPS Cat Tracker

Tonight Daddi put a new and rather strange collar around my neck before I headed out on my usual evening exploration of the outside. It was pretty but harder than my normal collar. 

“What’s with the new collar, Daddi?”

“It’s a special collar with a GPS tracker so that I can see where you go at night and what you get up to.” 

“I’m not sure I want to wear a tractor, and besides, the other cats might laugh at me.”

Daddi explained that it wasn’t a tractor and that I should go out as I normally did. But I was too shy about wearing something that felt so bulky and felt in a rather defiant mood as I sat by the backdoor refusing to leave.  Instead I spent around 90 minutes unsuccessfully clawing at the tractor collar so that Daddi would know that I didn’t want it on. It made no difference.

By the time Daddi went up to his oversized bed up the steps, I decided that I needed to venture outside and do my business. The evening was fairly typical of a Thursday night. I saw Barry the Tabby on the wall down by the park, I found a mouse in a bin, and I roamed my usual gardens, never coming down from the fence tops unless something really special caught my attention. After finding a nice gravel driveway to do my business and engaging in a slight altercation with a fox, I ran back home when it began to get lighter, making sure I was at full speed when passing Smudge’s gate because he always barks when he detects me. Luckily no one noticed my collar. 

When I arrived home, I climbed immediately into my bed (that isn’t oversized) just as Daddi appeared in the kitchen. He said good morning and asked me the usual questions about where I had been, whom I had seen and what I’d been doing. 

“Didn’t you see me on the tractor Daddi?” I asked. 

“No! I didn’t realise you’d gone outside in the end? When I went to bed you were refusing to leave, so I simply went to sleep. I’m not sure I want to become nocturnal just to watch where you roam anyway.”

I curled up ready to enjoy my early morning snooze, safe in the knowledge that Daddi would probably not bother to put the tractor on me again.  

Rinpoche gives it 4 out of 5 paws

Give it a go.
We don’t have much of a need or a desire to track Rinpoche’s movements, but if your curiosity is just too overwhelming then I guess it’s worth a shot. If not only for the entertainment value. The GPS Cat Tracker is a vital product for cats who often lose their bearings or like to stay away for days at a time. 

What will you do when you finally find out who is feeding your kitty? 

Overall, the reviews on Amazon are positive so go for it and let us know how you get on by leaving your comments below.

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    August 24, 2019

    Few sites review pet trackers, but the Whistle 3 is the recipient of PCMag’s Editors’ Choice designation for its “strong combination of performance and price,” with the publication citing long battery life and great hardware.


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