Gwyneth Goes to Hospital

Gwyneth Returns: Part 3

Photo by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia on Unsplash

“Rinpoche, I noticed you really tucked into your food last night. Have you given up the Catogenic Diet for Cats?”

“Yes, Daddi. It was far too dangerous. I don’t want to end up like poor Gwyneth!”

“What’s wrong with Gwyneth?”

“She’s in hospital, Daddi. Didn’t I tell you? All the fat in her diet caused her to go into a Cato-tonic state.”

“A catatonic state?”

“No, Daddi, a Cato-tonic state. It’s a serious Cato diet side effect that can only be cured with large amounts of cat tonic.”

“I’m sorry to hear she’s been so ill. Has her condition improved at all?”

“Yes, Daddi, she’s feeling much better now after all her tonic. She should be out of hospital by tomorrow.”

“Good! Well, I hope she’s learnt her lesson and will stop prescribing radical diets for you to follow?”

“Oh, she’s given up her career as a dietician, Daddi. The good news is that she’s going to become my personal life coach instead. Her mentorship will help me to improve my levels of confidence and enable me to navigate the peaks and valleys of my career as a cat. She also needs to work on my motivation skills and has some wonderful ideas for decreasing my stress level. Would you like to hear them, Daddi?”

“Not right now, Rinpoche. I need to pour myself a very stiff drink in order to decrease my stress level at hearing all your yuppie-speak.”

The End

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Coming soon: Rinpoche Becomes an Undercover Agent Part 1.

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