Happy New Beer!

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“Why are you looking so smart, today, Daddi? Are you going somewhere?”

“Yes, Rinpoche, I have to go back to work. My New Year’s leave is over.”

“Daddi, before you go, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you. Lately, I’ve noticed that humans always say, ’Happy New Beer!’ to each other when they get together. Why do they do this?”

“It’s a greeting to celebrate this time of the year, Rinpoche. And we wish each other a happy New Year – not a happy new beer.

“You must be mistaken, Daddi. The greeting is obviously ‘Happy New Beer’. I’ve seen how happy humans become when they have several of the drinks they call ‘beers’. They seem to like them a lot, even though these beers make them silly.”

“Personally, I prefer red wine, Rinpoche.”

“The dark red water in the big bottle? That makes you even sillier than beer does, Daddi!”

“Red wine does not make me silly, Rinpoche.”

“Oh yes it does, Daddi. Ask Mummi. Do you remember how you kept singing something you called ‘Carry Oakie’ at that party at our house recently? Everyone was shouting at you to be quiet, but you took no notice. And don’t forget the silly dance you did while trying to balance a bottle on your head…”

“That’s enough, Rinpoche. I don’t remind you of every silly thing you’ve ever done.”

“That’s because I’m a sensible cat, Daddi, and I don’t drink red water or beers that make me foolish.”

“There’s no need to be so smug, Rinpoche. Besides, I don’t have time for your lectures now. I have to leave for work. I’ll see you later.”

“See you later, Daddi. And Happy New Beer!”

Coming soon: The Big Mysteries of Life

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