The Incredible Dr. Tröger

The Odd-dizzy: Part 4

Hand drawn portrait in pastel pencil by Andrea


When Rinpoche awoke from her long nap, she spoke most enthusiastically about her new tutor, Dr. Tröger. He had obviously made a big impression on her.

“Daddi, I’ve never met such a high-ranking cat. He is Chief Cat of All Offices at Katzenjammer Computers and has lived there for fifteen years.”

“A real fat cat, eh?”

“Yes, Daddi, he’s a huge cat with the most dramatic whiskers I’ve ever seen. We cats believe there is a special cat who will come back to lead us one day, even though he has already finished all his nine lives. I believe he’s called the Mess Eye…”

“The Messiah?”

“I think so, Daddi. Could Dr. Tröger be this famous Mess Eye cat?”

“Not very likely, Rinpoche.”

“But, Daddi, he has so many human worshippers to tend to his needs. They’ve given him the best office at Katzenjammer Computers; he says it’s called a Storeroom. Daddi, why haven’t you given me a Storeroom?”

“We don’t have one in the house, Rinpoche.”

“You should see his bed, Daddi! It’s wonderfully comfy and much bigger than my own little bed.

“He is obviously a far larger cat than you, Rinpoche, and needs a bigger bed to accommodate his bulk. Besides, you are definitely not a Messiah. But tell me about your lesson with Dr. Tröger. Was he impressed by your knowledge of German Catspeak?”

“I didn’t get a chance to say ‘Guten Tag’ to him, Daddi. He speaks perfect English Catspeak. There’s nothing he can’t do!”

“Did you learn anything that will help you in your quest to become Chief Cat of the House?”

“Not really, Daddi. There were too many interruptions from all the humans who keep visiting the Storeroom to pet and worship Dr. Tröger. I could see that he didn’t enjoy some of their undignified adoration – especially being tickled under his chin – but he endures these embarrassing attentions because the humans bring him such good food.”

“You surely must have learnt something useful from Dr. Tröger, Rinpoche?”

“I can’t remember, Daddi. Perhaps I’ll be able to think better if you give me a Dreamies treat.”

-to be continued-

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