It’s All About Consent

#MeAlso: Part 2

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“Rinpoche, tell me more about the #MeAlso movement and your own bad experiences with tomcats.” 

“Well, Daddi, it all started one day when I was chasing a butterfly on the pavement…” 


“Mittens suddenly sidled up to me suggestively and said, “Let’s play!” 

“Mittens? The little kitten from the fancy house across the street?” 

“Yes, Daddi. The cheek of him!”

“But Mittens is only three months old. I’m sure the type of play he had in mind was completely innocent.” 

“It’s all about consent, Daddi! When I posted my story on Face Books, many other female cats bravely shared their own shocking experiences involving Mittens…” 

“I thought you’d given up using Face Books after you were fooled by that fake news about cats from outer space poisoning all the cat food in Gloucestershire?” 

“Daddi, there are times when social media have their uses. Mittens has been exposed as the vile playboy he is. Can you believe that he actually patted one cat on her rump with his paw? What a violation!” 

“I’m sure he was just being a little over-exuberant. Kittens like to play.” 

“Well, we sister cats are not interested in the type of play he had in mind!” 

“Rinpoche, you have to make sure that you have sufficient proof of a cat’s guilt before unfairly ruining his reputation.”

“What further proof do you need about Mittens, Daddi? We have to draw the line somewhere. If we let Mittens get away with his bad behaviour, tomcats will end up as lecherous as some of the human males I’ve seen! Surely you wouldn’t want that to happen?” 

“Rinpoche, I do believe you have a good point. I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen!”

 The End

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Coming Soon: A Millennial Cat: Part 1

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