Coronavirus in Cats 

Did you know that like us, our feline friends can also catch Coronavirus? Although the chances of them becoming unwell is low it’s important for pet owners to know the impact of Coronavirus on pet insurance and get the right cover, at the right price. For more information visit GoCompare.

A Cat using a phone, but is this really how cats communicate?

How Do Cats Communicate

Do you know what your cat is trying to tell you? Cats use a range of verbal and non-verbal cues to tell you how they're feeling and what they want.


Can cats eat eggs? Foods cats can eat

Can Cats Eat Eggs? Plus 18 Foods Your Cat Can Eat.

We all want to provide our cats with the right nutrition, but can cats really eat eggs? Discover what your cat can and can't eat in our guide, 'Can Cats Eat Eggs?'


Looking after a kitten. Everything you need to know to care for your kitty.

Looking After a Kitten: Everything you need to know

Getting a kitten is a big responsibility. Read our complete guide that includes everything from bringing your cat home to the essential equipment you're going to need. 


Cat Care After Spaying

Everything you need to know about looking after your cat after the somewhat uncomfortable procedure of being spayed. Paws for thought.


Cat Years to Human Years: How Old is My Cat?

If your cat is looking a bit tired then consider this. Your cat is 7 times your age. Discover the exact age of your cat and understand their needs as they age.


Looking After Your Cat: Affection & Foreplay

Do you really now how to give your cat the attention they deserve? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of Cherishment and foreplay with illustrations created by our own illustrators for you to enjoy.


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