Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Rinpoche Loves Feary Tails: Part 1

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

“Daddi, could you please change the TV channel? I want to watch my daily feary tail.”

“Why are you so fascinated by these fairy tales, Rinpoche?”

“They are scary and exciting, and they have lots of princesses in them… Daddi, do you think I might be a princess?”


“Were my mother and father a king and a queen, Daddi?”

“I’m afraid not, Rinpoche. They were street cats. But you’ll always be a princess to me – my own special princess.”

“If I’m a princess, will Prince Calming come to rescue me soon?”

“You don’t need to be rescued by Prince Charming, Rinpoche. You have a wonderful life here with Mummi and Daddi.”

“Yes, but perhaps Mummi is a wicked stepmother in disguise.”

“Don’t be silly, Rinpoche! Mummi is good and caring, and she loves you to bits. You know that.”

“Well, princesses usually have wicked stepmothers, Daddi. She might be just pretending to be nice.”

“She’s not pretending.”

“That’s good. Do you think I’m beautiful, Daddi? All princesses are beautiful.”

“You are ravishingly beautiful, Rinpoche.”

“Am I even more radishingly beautiful than Mummi?”

“I think both my favourite ladies are equally beautiful, Rinpoche.”

“Perhaps we should put it to the test, Daddi. Would you please do me a favour? Could you ask the mirror on the wall over there who is the fairest of us all?”

“Why don’t you ask the mirror, yourself, Rinpoche?”

“I tried, Daddi, but it wouldn’t answer my question. Perhaps it’s jealous because I’m so ravenously beautiful.”

-to be continued-

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