Paw Prints and Catnaps

The Odyssey: Part 10




“Rinpoche, what happened after you paid the council perk of three mice to Triplicat, the Copy Cat?”

“Triplicat told me to follow him into his office and join him on his desk, which was littered with papers. Some of these were shredded into many pieces. I noticed a pool of something black and wet coming from a bottle that had been knocked over. Triplicat said this was called ‘black stink’ and only very important Copy Cats were permitted to use it.”

“Black ink?”

“Something like that, Daddi. Triplicat ordered me to place one paw in the pool of black stink and add my paw print to the piece of paper in front of me. This was to confirm that I had paid him the two mice. He wanted an additional three copies of my signature, so I repeated the procedure with my other paws.”

“Tiresome bureau-cat! Were you free to leave his office after this?”

“Yes. I told Triplicat that I had an appointment to register for the Chief Cat of the House examination. He said I must report to the cat named Sloth in the office next door. I tried doing this, but Sloth was having a catnap on his desk. It seemed rude to wake him, so I waited for several cat hours until he opened his eyes.”

“Did you ask him about your interview?”

“I tried, Daddi, but Sloth hissed at me in the most alarming way and said, ‘Go Away!’ Then he closed his eyes and went to sleep again.”

“How frustrating. What did you do next?”

“I waited patiently for several more cat hours for Sloth to wake up again. I was very nervous, as he looked like a fierce cat, but I stood my ground.”

“Brave Rinpoche!”

“As soon as his eyes opened, I offered Sloth one of the mice I was carrying, and he snatched it eagerly. While he was chewing, I repeated my enquiry about obtaining my licence to attend the exam. He said I was in the wrong department and should speak to the cat named Reception in the office at the end of the corridor. And that’s when my troubles really began!”

-to be continued-

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