Performing Hurry Scurry

The Cult of the Cats: Part 2

“Daddi, I’ve passed the Thirteenth Test of Wisdom and graduated as a paw-maiden of The Great Mumbo Jumbo.”

“What exactly does a paw-maiden do?”

“When the Dark Dog Days arrive, I’ll fight in our great prophet’s army and save the world.”

“Yes, but what are your other duties in the meantime?”

“I must be obedient to our prophet at all times and perform Hurry Scurry every day.”

“Hurry Scurry?”

“Yes, Daddi. Paw-maidens hurry here and scurry there, finding food for Mumbo Jumbo.”

“Why doesn’t he find his own food?”

“Daddi, the Wondrous One is weary from taking on the burden of the world’s problems. He must save his strength in order to lead his great army to war against the dogs one day.”

“Where do you carry out this foraging for food?”

“We mainly Hurry Scurry in shops, Daddi, and in the kitchens of restaurants.”

“Rinpoche, that’s stealing!”

“It’s justified in this case, Daddi. We are in a State of Emergency.”

“Well, I’m not coming to your rescue if you get picked up while raiding supermarkets for food! Can’t you find a more appropriate place for your Hurry Scurry?”

“Actually, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that, Daddi. The Great Prophet Mumbo Jumbo says that charity always begins at home…”

“Forget about it, Rinpoche! I won’t allow you to give my food to that con-cat!”

“Daddi, you would be supporting a great cause if you contributed a few pieces of cheese or perhaps a nice fish or two…”

“Absolutely not, Rinpoche! There will be no Hurry Scurry here! I want you to promise me you won’t steal any food from this house. Do you understand?”

“Very well, Daddi, but the Great Mumbo Jumbo will be disappointed in me. He might even excommunicat me for my disobedience! Could you really live with yourself knowing this?”

“Easily, Rinpoche. Very easily.”

– to be continued –

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