Plutocats and Democats

Cat hissing in anger

The Great Gloucestershire Divide: Part 1

Photo by Marcos Ferrari on Unsplash

“Rinpoche, why are you hissing so fiercely at that cat?”

“She’s a white cat, Daddi. I hate white cats!”

“What’s wrong with white cats?”

“You can’t trust them, Daddi. And she’s a plutocat too.”

“I thought you voted for the plutocats in your last council election?”

“Yes, but I was young and foolish then. Besides, now the plutocats have chosen a dog, Pluto, as their presidential candidate. It’s outrageous, Daddi! We’ve never allowed a dog to be a president of our cat council before. I hate dogs! That’s why I’m voting for the democats this time.”

“And what are the democats’ policies?”

“Policies? We don’t have policies, Daddi. We demonstrate. That’s why we are called democats.”

“Rinpoche, this political polarization is bad.”

“You are quite right, Daddi. Plutocats are polecats – bad, stinky polecats!”

“That’s not what I said, Rinpoche. I meant that there shouldn’t be this bitter divide between the plutocats and democats. You are all cats. You’ll be stronger if you stand together.”

“Like human politicians do, Daddi? The ones I’ve seen on TV?”

“Well, er…  Perhaps we should change the subject, Rinpoche.“

-to be continued-

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